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The White Knights
Homo Supernus

The White Knights are a genetically modified superhuman species called Homo Supernus. With extraordinary physical capability, they had god-like features with glowing skin. They looked unlike anything the world had ever seen before.

They certainly looked different; their face, their features, their hair, and their body type were too good to be true. They had a radiance in every part of their body that was visibly different than humans. Their eyesight, hearing, olfactory abilities, and reflexes were also better. Their eyes were different, as though diamonds sparkled inside them. They healed 3 times faster than humans and aged 3 times slower, thus giving them a life expectancy of over 200 years.

The genesis of the Homo Supernus species began a few decades ago, when a Chinese scientist named Dr. Mike Chang and a German bioengineering pioneer Dr. Robert Muller, started working on a secret project that was code-named Homo Supernus. The idea was to create superior humans, primarily for defense purposes but the benefits of which could be taken to the general public later on. These new humans would be better in every aspect—strength, tolerance to diseases, immunity, physical appearance, aging, healing, intelligence, reflexes, control over emotions and so on.

Instead of genetically modifying the genes, Chang and Muller initially took a different approach. They termed the method as ‘perfect selection’. Everything in nature follows a theory called natural selection. Better genes, organs, and species get selected by nature to go forward and nature kills the ones that are weak. This was termed as ‘survival of the fittest’ by Darwin.

Instead of depending on nature to select the genes, Chang and Muller decided to choose the perfect combination and create humans using a gene pool with superior attributes. To achieve this, scientists toiled for five years to narrow down a set of genes from various bloodlines that could be the perfect combination to create Homo Supernus, the name they chose for the next evolution of Homo sapiens.

Chang’s research led them to narrowing down and isolating ancient bloodlines with incredible and even supernatural capabilities. Over the centuries, and across various civilizations, there had existed races with unique attributes, which people back then spoke about as magical, godly, evil or mythical. The key was to stitch those attributes together to create one single fabric of DNA. In the quest to acquire this DNA, they unearthed ancient tombs, went after the secret societies and mutant clans, kidnapped people of royal bloodlines and did everything to isolate genes of value. The best set of genes were methodically chosen to create superhumans.

The first two superhumans born were a boy and a girl, who were named ‘Shen’, Mandarin for god, and ‘Nu Shen’, Mandarin for goddess.

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