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Scripture of Gods

#1 - Scripture of Ayur (Sanskrit for 'life' or 'vital power')

First scripture is based on medicine and life sciences. One would be amazed at the advanced knowledge our ancestors had achieved. From genetics to microbiology to plastic surgery to vaccinations, they had known more about the human body and brain than what our current society could find out in the next few centuries.

The scripture contains a treatise on yoga and the benefits of meditation for healing, using both extrinsic and intrinsic streams of energy. Over the centuries, knowledge of this original scripture passed on through the ancient education system through the sages, even contributing to the vedas. The practice of Ayurveda emerged centuries later with the knowledge of this original scripture.
Further, it is believed that the technique of making medicine and vaccinations emerged from this scripture. The ancient texts such as Charaka Samhita, Sushrata Samhita and even Kama Sutra are believed to have been derived from the knowledge of this original scripture.

This voluminous scripture details how the human body can tap into different sources of natural energy including the Sun, moon and cosmic rays to survive for years without food or water. It also shows a path to enhance human strength and attain superhuman physical abilities.

Lastly, it talks about a technique to enhance human lifespan by hundreds of years. One of the Rudras’ forefathers invented a technique to rejuvenate body cells by throwing out toxins and increase longevity. When these toxins flush out, they leave a blue tinge on the skin over the decades making the Rudras look blue naturally.

#2 - Scripture of Bodhi Shakti (Awakened Power of the Mind)

The second scripture deals with mind powers, communication, mind reading, accessing dreams and telepathy. However, not everyone is gifted with a mind that can master mind reading. Moreover, telepathy is the most difficult skill to learn. Few possess the power to even attempt it successfully.

This illuminative scripture contains a treatise on controlling matter with your mind, both living and non-living. Only a few people in the history of the Rudras have succeeded in mastering this art.

Human brain can send waves. You can amplify these waves and direct them to do whatever you want. You can change the frequency and wavelength to be able to communicate with almost anything. The human brain is so powerful that it can send waves across the universe, let alone our planet.

Further, the scripture details out how to enhance mental powers and attain unthinkable psionic abilities that people would consider paranormal. These powers include astral projection, apportion, clairvoyance, hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, remote viewing, altering perception and so on. People often confused this with magic and art of trickery.

Most powerful forms of mind powers include altering the reality and the laws of nature itself. Only the Avatars had the power to manifest this power, hence being called the Gods, the one who can manifest miracles.

#3 – Scripture of the Immortal Yoddha (Great Warrior)

The legendary scripture contains nine volumes of dissertation and tutorial on warfare, both physiological and psychological. They teach principles of complex martial art techniques that include attaining superhuman strength and paranormal abilities to control the pancha mahabhuta (five great elements of nature), which are bhūmi (earth), jala (water), agni (fire), vayu (airwind) and vyom or shunya (space or zero).

For example, how to kill someone by a mere touch by reversing the pulse of their body or how to make your body into a weapon or how to levitate while fighting an enemy.

Known as the most lethal teachings of martial arts ever known to humanity, it is believed that the warriors who master these texts become invincible and immortal, as death itself cannot defeat them.

#4 – Scripture of Rasayana (Alchemy)

The great scripture of Rasayana is about Alchemy and the science of metamorphosis or transmutation of metals. It talks about the technology of making powerful and complex Yantras (machines) and Astras (weapons) that are unheard of, even defying the laws of nature.

The Weapons of Gods were forged by the forefathers using the knowledge in the scriptures. These yantras and astras are believed to have the power of destroying the universe, let alone Earth. The Weapons of Gods were hidden in the city of Shambala but was lost in time to humanity. It is believed to be somewhere hidden deep inside the Himalayas in the vicinity of Mount Kailash.

#5 – Scripture of Surya (Sun)

This scripture talks about light and how to control and utilise it. Light is the source of all our energy and our ancestors were clever to exploit its powers for both our body and matter. Weapons of Gods enhanced the speed of light. We can do wonders when we break the absolute velocity and that’s what some of these mega-weapons do.

#6 - Scripture of Yugas (Time)

This scripture contains a discourse on how to attain omnipresence—a power to simultaneously be present or move back and forth in past, present and future. Also, a power to travel between the multiverse or the parallel universes that exist from eternity to eternity. Further, it explains what is time, space and space-time continuum and achieves teleportation, time travel, and space travel.

It also delves into the eternal cycle of time and the four yugas—Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga.

#7 – Scripture of Vimana (Aviation)

This technological scripture is about avionics, the science of flight, and also talks about how to create anti-gravity, build advanced space crafts and aircrafts, travel at the speed of light, use the power sources of nature to propel engines infinitely and create machines that can even enter the core of a burning star.

#8 – Scripture of Pralaya (Destruction)

Known as the book of the destruction, this scripture delves into Anthropology, the science of civilizations, the evolution, politics, economics, and predictions of the rise and fall of societies. As cycles of birth, destruction, and rebirth of civilizations take place, a pattern emerges through these cycles. The volumes of this scripture dissect key factors of this process and teach how to navigate through these challenges and keep humanity from becoming extinct. This ultimately becomes a core responsibility of the Rudras society.

#9 – Scripture of Avatars

And the last but not the least, the ninth scripture contains a treatise on how to acquire Absolute Knowledge or Enlightenment. From time to time, a handful of people through the ages have attained this stage. We call them the Avatars. Like Rama and Krishna, they all attained Absolute Knowledge in their own ways; some were born with it and some had to struggle to attain it.

This scripture has not been read or understood by anyone in centuries, for the one who understands it, will be the next avatar.

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