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The Super Soldier

Known as the Goddess, Nushen is the first genetically modified superhuman with godlike beauty, strength and intelligence. She was created by the Chinese scientist called Dr. Chang as the first Homo Supernus.

She was a superspy and a decorated top agent of the Chinese Intelligence Wing, running covert operations for the Chinese in the most adverse situations. She was even code-named the ‘Super-Agent’ by her agency. Her days would start and end with guns, gadgets, and danger. She was a master of disguise and had a 100% success rate in her missions.

Her legendary beauty was not human, but godly. Her eyes were celestial in the true sense, as though a thousand stars were suspended and floating in her iris. There was a glow in her skin, her face, her long golden locks and her body—the same glow that existed in her voice. Such glowing porcelain-like exterior was not human; such beauty was not human.

She was tall, athletic and had a slender body, with the visage of a goddess. She didn’t look Chinese, Mongolian or even Caucasian. She was different, was all he could say. She was godlike.

Why did she create the White Knights clan along with her superhuman brother Shen? Why did she save Kalki, the enemy of the state? What is her plan to take down the monstrous General Jian?

Did you know?

Nushen (which means Goddess in Mandarin) and Shen (which means God) were the first superhumans created by the Dr. Chang and Dr. Muller. Know more about origins of Nushen.

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