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Invisible Hand
Mercenary Cult

The Invisible Hand is an ancient cult of mercenaries created by the great conqueror, the Mongolian Emperor Genghis Khan, in the year 1211 AD to carry out heinous crimes and tasks that his army couldn’t.

Over the centuries, the cult gained global footprint and became a phantom organization operating in the shadows to reign terror. The Invisible Hand had brought down the mightiest kingdoms and countries down on their knees to fulfill its ultimate objective – to enslave the planet and rule supreme.

The cult had a complex structure of leadership, with six masters governing their council. The group was headed by the most-wanted terrorist Master Zar, and not-so-secretly funded by General Jian, and its objective was to create a reign of terror across the globe by exploiting people in the name of religion, race, colour and money. They were against democracy and worked to instate dictatorship in countries. They were also known for discovering and unearthing extraordinary and supernatural weapons of mass destruction by tracing the history of various dynasties.

Invisible Hand’s current agenda: Create mayhem by terrorism, topple democracies, take control of superpowers by instating dictators, and ultimately take over the world.

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