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General Jian
The Dictator

General Jian Wang is a man of extraordinary ambition, wisdom and tremendous willpower. He is the biggest benefactor of Invisible Hand and secretly funds the terrorist cult organization to reign terror across the globe.

I want to be the supreme leader of the Earth! I feel power running through my veins! I will be called Jian the Conqueror for ages to come. I will be called a God! My history will be written by blood,’ proclaimed General Jian, the Conqueror.

Jian was a follower of 12th century Emperor Genghis Khan, heavily influenced by his philosophy, and patronized a cult of mercenaries called the Invisible Hand, which was believed to be started by the great conqueror himself in the year 1211 AD. In time, Jian had become Invisible Hand’s biggest benefactor and strategic leader. He had vowed to make them the powerhouse required to rule the world.

I will fulfill what Genghis Khan couldn’t: I will rule the entire world,’ told General Jian.

His current aim is to overthrow the leadership in China and take over the Chinese defense forces. Ultimately, he wants to rule the world with Invisible Hand at his disposal to do all his dirty work. To this end, he needs to get his hands on the Weapons of Gods hidden in the mythical city of Shambala, hidden deep in the Himalayas.

But his biggest hurdle is Kalki! One man who stands in his way to fulfill his mad ambition to enslave the planet. Will he succeed in this mega-plot? Will he destroy Kalki and his image? Read the AGE OF KALKI trilogy to witness the mad dictator in action.

Did you know?

General Jian’s idiosyncrasies made him a fascinating character. To name a few, he was a teetotaller. He was obsessed with the Prophecy of the Last King, which prophesied that an angel not from the human race would marry a king and make him the most powerful ruler to have ever ruled the surface of Earth.

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