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The Rudras
Ancient Secret Society

The Rudras is a mysterious prehistoric secret society created to protect the Scripture of Gods, which is a collection of ancient nine scriptures of nine volumes each.

The scriptures hold ‘absolute’ knowledge that is unthinkable for the human race and, if fallen in wrong hands could be used to enslave the planet and destroy all good.

The potential of the knowledge our ancestors possessed was unimaginable. They had attained what we refer to as Absolute Knowledge, a state where humans attain the knowledge equivalent to that of a god. This is akin to Singularity, when machines attain the same knowledge and sentience as humans. And when creations become as knowledgeable as their creators, disruption is bound to happen.

The exact date and circumstances of the origins of Rudras is unknown. However, it’s believed that Rudras were the most elite warriors of Lord Shiva’s army. These theories still remain myths with no concrete evidence to back it.

In 316 BC, Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and his Chief Advisor Chanakya regrouped the ancient secret society and made it a formidable force. This was one of the reasons his successor Ashoka could create the largest empire in Indian history. Since then, different people who came to power around the globe had tried to get access to the nine sets of scriptures to reign terror on Earth, but the Rudras held their guard.

There were plenty of myths about the Rudras on the internet and newspapers. While there were rumours that famous people throughout history had been part of the secret society, none were confirmed as facts.

There are alleged reports that Aryabhata, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Tesla, and Homi Bhabha had been in the Rudras, along with kings and leaders from various eras. King Chhatrapati Shivaji, Pope Paul V, Charlie Chaplin, Swami Vivekananda, and several other names had also done the rounds.

The current agenda of the Rudras: Apart from protecting the Scripture of Gods, the secret society is entrusted with protecting the world against apocalyptic events. But unless it’s an apocalyptic event, they won’t intervene.

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