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The Last Avatar- Age of Kalki #1, has been much appreciated by popular bloggers and also received overwhelming press coverage. Have a look:

  • Anuradha Goyal: “There are many things that I liked about the book. The Last Avatar is one of the few books that acknowledges and works on a premise that ancient Indian Scriptures had all the knowledge that the modern world is still discovering and inventing.” Read full review
  • Banaja Prakashini: “The Last Avatar was one hell of a book, and I enjoyed every bit of it. The narration is simple, sophisticated, elaborate and everything else that a reader craves for. It is engaging to the extent of giving you sleepless nights.” Read full review
  • The New Indian Express: “He creates machines in the form of Gods — the Vanaroids,” he says. The book is full of such fascinating characters, secret societies, mysterious clans, superhumans, and supervillains. Isn’t that Interesting!” Read full review
  • Apoorv Booxoul:The Last Avatar is one growing mythological mysteries which seem to be ever popular these days. Overall I found it pretty interesting and really looking forward to reading the following books in the series. Read full review
  • Sheetal Maurya: “When I saw the words ‘to be continued’ I was like no this book can’t end, I want to know what is going to happen. The author’s great imagination is the backbone of this book.” Read full review
  • Inderpreet Uppal: “Still The Last Avatar – Age of Kalki leaves the reader wanting more. It is like the tip of the iceberg, I want to know about the enemy, I want to know what happens in China and to the eternal Nushen.” Read full review
  • The Asian Age: “A well-researched fiction or non-fiction based on mythology has played the role of an eye-opener in interpreting events.” Read full review
  • Ronak Shah: “After reading The Last Avatar I’m desperate to read the second part of the book. End of the book is damn amazing. I feel like I’m living every character in future. Kudos to author.” Read full review
  • Sarath Babu: “This is a novel which would be close to my heart as it has the fusion of myth and technology.” Read full review
  • Abhilash Ruhela: “The incredible writing, flawless narration, seamless execution of complex concepts, action-packed scenes explained with words help you in imagining everything in front of your eyes easily. Kudos!” Read full review
  • Chevu’s Read: “A sure-shot page-turner – The book is packed with action, thriller & technology. Frankly speaking, leave aside plot, we were thoroughly impressed by just cover art.” Read full review
  • Sumit Chowdhary: “Cover is beautiful, the picturesque is transient. It has been cleverly designed making it attractive for readers. A really good book, worth reading, awaiting the sequel anxiously!” Read full review
  • Divya: “First, I want to mention how beautiful the cover looks. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to when it looks this stunning. Vishwas Mudagal has done a fantastic job with the writing, all the details included in the story is just right, not too less to lose interest or too much to get bored. Also the Dedication is just so beautiful.” Read full review
  • The Afternoon: The Last Avatar which is the first part of the Age of Kalki Trilogy is a futuristic novel with an interesting mix of fantasy, science fiction, and Hindu Mythology.” Read full review

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