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Master Zar
The Terror Mastermind

The most-wanted terrorist mastermind on the planet, Master Zar is the head of Invisible Hand’s military wing. Master Zar’s extraordinary powers are both a myth and a legend; people speak about them but no one knows for certain what they are.

Invisible Hand had a complex structure of leadership, with six masters governing their council. Master Zar was appointed as the head of their military and terrorism division; he had made them proud indeed. His aim was to destabilize democracies around the world, topple governments and instate dictators that he controlled. For a reason unknown to anyone, he had vowed to destroy democracy in India and enslave everyone in the subcontinent.

His current quest is to steal the Scripture of Gods from The Rudras and get to the Weapons of Gods hidden in the prehistoric city of Shambala somewhere in the Himalayas. Will he succeed in this crazed ambition? Will he destroy The Rudras and end Kalki’s Astras group? Read the AGE OF KALKI trilogy to unravel the gripping plot.

The Last Avatar - Age of Kalki-Book


An epic Mythology and Sci-Fi novel that will ignite your imagination. Set in the future, the Last Avatar is written over a fabric of mythology, weaved with threads of Science Fiction, and is filled with tense geopolitical times that truly surround us today.

The Last Avatar is topping charts on Amazon and is a must-read for all those who love Fantasy, Science fiction, and Mythology