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The Immortal Warrior

An ace warrior of The Rudras, Arya is known for her quick reflexes and incredible fighting style. Her aim is to stop the Invisible Hand at any cost.

Together with Kalki and Tiger, she becomes a reckoning force to stop the march of the evil forces on Earth.

With intense training from the principles of Scripture of the Immortal Yoddha, Arya’s ultimate quest is to do the impossible—to master the scripture and become the Immortal Warrior. Will she succeed in completing this arduous journey that is near impossible for humans to endure? What is the ultimate price she has to pay in this quest? Read the AGE OF KALKI trilogy to unravel her incredible journey.

The Last Avatar - Age of Kalki-Book


An epic Mythology and Sci-Fi novel that will ignite your imagination. Set in the future, the Last Avatar is written over a fabric of mythology, weaved with threads of Science Fiction, and is filled with tense geopolitical times that truly surround us today.

The Last Avatar is topping charts on Amazon and is a must-read for all those who love Fantasy, Science fiction, and Mythology