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The Last Avatar


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The arrival of Lord Vishnu’s last avatar, Kalki

When is the Kalki Avatar going to arrive? 

As per Hinduism, it is believed that there are four Yugas namely Satya Yuga, Terta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, and Kal Yuga. According to Hinduism, it is said that Kal Yuga is the time of destruction. At the time of Satya Yuga, people were free from all sorts of greed, hypocrisy, negativity, and all wrong things and evils, therefore, they had most of the peace and happy life. Then in the Treta Yuga, people become greedy and had some negative wishes like to conquer the world or desire for the kingdom of other kings. By Dwapar Yuga, it was found that almost half of the people of the world already have done many wrong deeds such as killing people and creating the strategy to conquer the kingdom of others. During Kali Yuga, it is believed that the sins of the people will reach the peak and virtue seems less.

During this time people remain mentally upset and dissatisfied in almost all things. In Kal Yuga, you will hardly find the person who is completely free from any kind of sins. It is believed that Lord Vishnu will incarnate on the Earth as Lord Kalki for making people free from all sins and misdeeds.

kalki avatarWhen will Lord Kalki arrive on earth to free the people from all the problems?

But the biggest question is when Lord Kalki will arrive on the earth and how people will be freed from all sorts of problems and sins that people have done. In Mahabharata, Lord Shri Krishna who was another Avatar of Lord Vishnu said that he will again come on the earth when the evil will rampant upon the earth.

At that time, he will be born in the family of an honorable man and undertake a human body for restoring peacefulness by killing all the evils prevailing in the world. It is said in Hinduism that for the preservation of morality and goodness Lord Vishnu will take an inconceivable human form. Kal Yuga is the age of sin when Lord Vishnu will take Avatar form and he will appear as a human being who will be dark in color. It is said that Lord Kalki will be born in a South Indian family. His father will be a learned Brahmana. In Srimad Bhagavatam, it is said that Lord Kalki will appear in the home of Visnu Yasa.

Lord Kalki will arrive to end the Kal Yuga

Hindus believed that the four cycles Sata yuga, Terta yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kal Yuga rotate just like our calendar months. The present age is the Kal Yuga and it is believed that it will last for 432000 years. It is said that already 5000 years were passed from the battle of Kurukshetra. That means there are still 427000 years left and according to Srimad Bhagavatam the Lord Kalki will arrive at the end of the Kal Yuga.

Nostradamus’ prediction

As per a book was written by Nostradamus, a person will appear on the earth that will come with some immense power and Nostradamus said that this man will rule in the whole world on both land and sea.

Nostradamus was a great astrologer and everything that he had predicted has come true till now. Now his prediction about that immense power person is believed to the Lord Kalki. Nostradamus predicted that an immensely powerful person will free the world from all sorts of trouble and according to Srimad Bhagavatam it is said that Lord Vishnu will appear on the earth for the last time as Lord Kalki who will rule the three worlds and will destroy all his enemies with his weapon. If you observe Nostradamus prediction about that great person who will come down from his throne and will move through the sea and air for striking the evil ones with his rod it seems that he was speaking about Lord Kalki. Thus it cannot be denied that Lord Kalki has many similarities about what Nostradamus had predicted. He also predicted that this person will be born on a holy day Thursday and he will be known across the land and seas.

The objective of Lord Vishnu

According to Hinduism, it is said that the main objective of Lord Vishnu to come to the earth as Lord Kalki will be to destroy Koli which will actually indicate an evil person. It is said that when Lord Kalki will arrive on the Earth he will kill all barbarians and thieves and make the earth a peaceful place to live in. In Srimad Bhagavatam, it is also said that Lord Kalki will conquest with the evil King Koli and after he defeats Koli in the battle he will hand over the rule to Devapi and Maru who will be the most religious king during the Koli Yugas.

Lord Krishna will take rebirth on earth whenever it is essential

Although it is not exactly said when Lord Kalki will appear on the earth it is said in Srimad Bhagavatam that Lord Vishnu will appear again on the earth at the end of Kali Yugas.

According to Srimad Bhagavatam, it is said that Lord Kalki will descend to earth in the month of Baisakhi. It is also believed that when Lord Kalki will appear on the earth it will be the 12th day after the full moon day. As per this, you can guess that Lord Kalki will appear on the earth at any time from 26th April to 15th May since the Baishaki month starts from 14th or 15th of April and it lasts until 14th or 15th May.

That means if Lord Kalki will be born 12 days from the full moon day them most probably Lord Kalki will come to the earth in between 26th April to 15th May. However, exact predictions about his birth year cannot be made. But it is said that the father of Lord Kalki will be Visnu Yasa and his mother will be named as Sumati. Hindus also predicted the conjugal life of Lord Kalki. It is said that Lord Kalki will go to Sinhala which is now commonly known as Sri Lanka and he will marry the Padma and start his conjugal life. This is all that is known about the appearance of Kalki Avatar on the earth.